F-134 to dauntless swap

F-134 to dauntless swap


eastern Ohio
59'cj5 willys,64cj5,63cj3a flattie,78j10,48flati
Ok I have a 59 CJ5 willys with a very sick and tired f head. But the good news is I got a good dauntless odd fire. The question is what do I all have to do,change and have to do the swap. The f head has a three spd behind it and the dauntless has a th400 behind it. I would like to keep the 3 spd behind the dauntless. O and if it is any help the dauntless is sitting in a 71 commando right now any info would be a great help. Thanks Ken
Hello ironman549 and welcome to the site! :chug:

Sorry I missed this post (I moved to the correct forum - more people will read it) and haven't been able to get back with you till now.

The V6 is a pretty easy swap as they were available in early CJs. What you will need is a correct fly wheel, bellhousing and clutch, engine mounts, and exaust. As well as all the assorted throttle linkages, hoses, wiring changes, and various bolts and fasteners.

You may need access to a welder and also may have top move the transmission which would mean different driveshafts.

If your still interested I think I have a pretty good list of things that needs to be done buried in my den somewhere... Let me know and I'll find it for you!
Yes I am certainly interested, and you sound like the right person to talk to. I have a welder and a torch. And have made custom driveshafts before and motor mounts. I think I can get most of the linkage and stuff from my jeeps or fab something up. I got the bellhousing , the only thing I have to comeup with is the flywhell pressure plate and clutch. But if you have any addnl' info it would help tremendously THANKS KEN.......
I would think a clutch assembly should be easy to get from a good parts store like NAPA, or Carquest..

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