Build Thread F4u5T's 85' CJ-7

Build Thread F4u5T's 85' CJ-7


Bristol, VA
85 CJ7, pretty much bone stock and rusty
Hello Everyone,
Brand new to this site and Jeeps altogether, but Im pretty familiar with the garage and figured why not start a build thread.
So, long story short - I traded for this 85' CJ7 ( without a title:confused:)
I posted it as a Abandon vehicle - where in Va, if the registered owner doesnt pick it up within 15 days - you can apply for a title.
Just my luck, the registered owner showed up on the 15th day at 8pm - with a title and trailer:eek: I agreed to "buy" it for $500, which is on top of what I already traded for it:mad:
Anyway, now I have the title in hand and am ready to get to work. So far I have focused on the obvious areas that need fixed before I can get it on the road. the turn signals are gone, with the lever.
The seats may as well had been installed with superglue
then there are additional engineering marvels found along the way, like this handy exhaust damper!:eek:
It amazes me the trouble some people will go too, to half *** fix something:mad: but it is my project now and I will make it right.
Ive ordered the first of the parts, turn signal lever, lenses, ignition cylinder and dash indicator lamps.
Nest I will need seats, all of em plus the riser for the drivers - so if you have em laying around and your nearby, give me a holler!
How's the engine? Also, are you going to completely redo the exhaust? If so, what direction are you going to go? Stock or something a little more interesting?
It actually runs pretty good. The wiring is a complete mess, and it has its issues but I'm having a good time fixing it. Hope to learn a bit from this one and go from there

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