Fiberglass front it worth it??

Fiberglass front it worth it??

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north hollywood ca
1976 CJ5 258cc motor, T-18 Trans 4 speed, model 20 transfer case. 4:10 gears, Dana 30 front, AMC 20 rear.
I am new to this website and have a 1976 CJ5 and I have posted threads on it in forums on "rebuilds and driveline".

My question is: I bought a one piece fiberglass front end, and want to know if its worth it to install. If so, is is best to have it tilt backward (like a regular hood), or tilt forward?
What are the pros and cons on having a fiberglass front end rather than metal fenders, hood, and a grille?
What's the best way to install it, with metal hinges on top and metal plates underneath?
I would need a subframe welded to the frame to support the radiator and hood. Does anyone know a fabricator on the los Angeles / San Fernando Valley who can make me one?
Pros... easy to work on the engine. have to mount everything that was on the fenderwells somewhere else.
2) It's a PITA to do simple things like check the oil.

Mine will tilt either way, I use to tilt it forward but now that I have a winch I have to open it like a reg. hood.
Mine came with a tube built into the bottom of the grill that pins go in to tilt it forward or be removed to tilt it back on the windshield, the hood hinges have pins that can be removed to tilt forward.
I've also got a 1 piece fiberglass front end that I've hinged to open back to the tub, like a regular hood. You can take a look at my build thread:
to see what I did to mount the radiator. Basically, I had a friend with a plazma cutter cut a couple of plates that I bolted to the sides of the frame. Then I cut a couple of pieces of 1x2 tubing and bolted those to the plates and bolted the radiator to the tubes. The other issue I had was I had to lengthen the wiring harness to the front lights so the hood would swing all the way up.

The Jeep came with the 1 piece and I didn't want to spend the money for new pieces, so I just worked with it. Now that it's basically finished, I do like the access it gives to work on the engine. But like Old Dog says, it's a PITA just to check the oil.

Good Luck, Bill :chug:
Hi Bill,
Thanks so much for the info and link to see your jeep rebuild. I read your whole thread, and learned a lot from you on how to put my jeep back together. The front end had me baffeled, but now I know how to attach it. I also like the way you mounted the radiator and custom wiring harness with the quick disconnect. This is a great website, and has got me motivated to finish my jeep after being apart for 23 years!

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