fiberglass tub

fiberglass tub


1979 CJ 7, 1971 CJ 5 , 195? CJ 2 A
Looking for any info on fiberglass tub. Working on a 71' CJ5 (p.o. didn't finish ) . Is there an easy way to reinforce the firewall ? When you push the brake pedal the firewall flexes. Any help would great.
Probably not what you want to hear, but the only way to make that stop is to strip out everything on that portion of the firewall. Once Its in the clear, you can make a template of the area that covers the pedals, transfer it to a steel plate and cut it out. After that, I would glass bed the plate to the firewall, and bolt it through. Some of the less expensive glass bodies were made with no reinforcement in critical areas, looks like you got one of them. As an example, here's a link to 4WDHDW showing the plate they embed into the glass when made. You can see the the shadow of the steel plate covering the steering column and pedal assembly area.
Coldwater got it right, Fiberglass tubs are not all equal, there are good one and than there are cheap ones. If yours doesn't have any reinforcement in the firewall than there probability isn't any anywhere else either:( You are going to have problems in the future every where you mount something.:eek: Good luck
Thanks for that info. It dosen't have much through the fire wall yet ? It's my brothers cj that he bought not finished. I have a couple pieces of 1/8 that I was thinking of sandwiching on the firewall. Would't that work?
That's pretty thick steel plate, but would definately work. You might be better off by picking up a little bit of 14 guage mild steel instead. It'll be a little easier to work with, and should only be a couple of bucks.

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