Floor replacement

Floor replacement

CJ6 Dizzo

Tulsa, OK
1969 CJ-6 - As far as I know everything is stock. It was a National Park Ranger vehicle up at Mammoth Cave and it will become an ACJ-6 (Gunship-theme Jeep)
I've got to replace the front floor boards and the rear floor in my CJ6. I read a suggestion somewhere that you could take a hood off of any 1970s Ford pickup and use for the floor. Any thoughts as to whether this would be a good idea or not? If not, are there any other suggestions (to include just buying new sheet metal)?
since the hood on the Ford trucks is curved, I dunno if that would work. Maybe just as donor sheetmetal? You'd have to get the ones that don't have the 'rise' in the middle of the hood, or your floor would be kinda bumpy. LOL

I'd probably just get a sheet of steel and weld it in myself. Saves all the cutting on a hood to get the right measurements.
That's kinda what I was thinking. Just wanted to hear a "hood opinion." Thanks man.
A hood would be a thinner gauge metal and would not have any of the strengthening ribs rolled in - really not a good idea... :)
I just replaced the rear floor in my Jeep its not as bad as it seems. Get a wire wheel and clean up along the bottom edge of the inner fenders to find all the spot welds and drill them out and the floor will come out easy. I got the floor and bracing from a Guy that went another way on his project but u can get them pretty cheap..

O and the white looking stuff is a rust preventer I brushed on after I welded the braces on the other side.
I would get the replacment metal...I replaced the front floors of my CJ with the old hood from my Dart it works great but it just dosent look like a real floor since it dosent have the beads rolled in it :chug:
This was a National Park ranger vehicle from Mammoth Cave in KY. It sat for most of its life out in the elements. Here's what I'm working with...
Hmmmmm...if they have the replacement sheetmetal for it buy it all of it I see that evan your tranny tunnel is rusted that makes it harder to repair. You dont have anything to weld to.

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