Frame-Off : Harness

Frame-Off : Harness


Pensacola, FL
1981 Jeep CJ-8
Frame-off on my '81 CJ8

So I'm thinking of building my own wiring harness. I've looked at the Painless, and a few others and question as to if I shouldn't just build my own.

Now I own a store that specializes in 12v electrical .. (audio shop) and already keep 30+ color / sizes of cables on hand. Am comfortable working with wiring, and can read schematics.

Any suggestions on best schematics to use .. links to them, etc.

Any warnings that I might should take in to consideration?

Any thoughts?

best bang for the buck still seems to be an EZ wire harness...
But since you have 1/2 the supplies now, it might be a bad idea.

I'd relay the headlights to keep them bright. Solder/heatshrink everything (no quick crimps). Start on one system and work it thru, then go for another.
Pre-plan everything you have/want/need/wishlist NOW, and add the wiring in now.
I would try to keep the wire codes and circuits as close to the original diagram as possible. This will be a great help when trouble shooting any problems that come up in the future. About the only thing I would change compleatly woukld be to loose the fuse block and put your new power center some place where it is easy to reach. I don't know who thought it was a good idea to hide the fuse block under the dash but I would hope he died with out breeding , for the sake of the gene pool.
Like little said relay all the major circuits and just have low amperage control circuits on your side of the fire wall, switches control relays and relays control loads.
Oh yea take lots of pictures, this is something that a lot of us should do to correct the sins of the PO and the ravages of time.:cool:
Clear Shrink Tubing

another supplier option and one of my favorite wiring options, an adhesive sealed shrink tube. water and air tight.:D of course it will never come off.:cool:
I think following the original wiring colors is a great idea and documenting the discrepancies on a custom schematic. Otherwise, if you ever sell your Jeep, I can only imagine what PO comments the new owner would have when trying to work on the electrical system. Don't ask me how I know... :mad:
attach the wiring to a sheet of plywood, that way you can write or draw on the wood
Google wiring harness under images, right click and save the picture. Open the picture up in paintbrush then you can zoom in.
Jeep 1982 CJ-5 & CJ-7 COLOR Wiring Diagram 11 x 17 (A3) | eBay

this is just about the best diagram I have found. color coded and twice the size of the FSM. and machine washable (almost). check out this guys store on E-bay and you will more than likely find one specific to your year, I just looked until I got close , and bored.:D
If the harness is still in the jeep take your time and label every thing as you take it off.. Ive rebuilt a few this way and have had no issues. My headaches have been using harnesses that have been removed already or hacked by the PO. The ply wood tip is great.. once you have removed the factory computer wires (looks like you have nuttered yours) there really is not a lot of wires left. Get rid of the ignition module and go with an HEI and you have really cut down your engine bay wiring.. My buddies CJ is running aftermarket mechanical gauges and Im pretty sure the only wires he has left are the main feeds off the altenator, red and blue for the starter selenoid, the couple wires that run to his HEI relay and one for his electric fan. there really is not alot of wires in the engine.

when you start taking your harness apart you will notice some crapy looking splices that are soldered then wrapped in duct tape, those are not t he handy work of some A-hole previous owner.. that factory!

I think some one already mentions head light relays.. if not go with it. It will make them alot more reliable and keep you from burning up light switches.
Sorry.. I was looking at some one else's description of thier jeep.. IF you have the 258 do the nutter. if you have the 304 then you dont need to worry about nuttering it.
when you start taking your harness apart you will notice some crapy looking splices that are soldered then wrapped in duct tape, those are not t he handy work of some A-hole previous owner.. that factory! .

Duct tape? did not see that on mine but who know's :D

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