Frame problems

Frame problems
1981 CJ5
The last foot to foot and a half of the rear frame is rusted pretty bad. Any ideas on how to repair it?
Another Ohio jeep. Mine has about 4" I need to replace along with a new cross member.
Theres a frame piece patch made out there sold from 4x4 shops, its not cheap.
IM going to cut off the bad area and put a plate inside my frame extend it back, then scab over it with plate steel. Plug and stitch weld that and then put another scab over that and plug weld and stitch weld it up.
It should have three pieces overlaying the area and extending along the bottom side forward about a foot for strength when IM done.
There are caps from places like auto rust technicians that you can get... mine looked like this
new crossmember

a little paint

all beefy!

it is a lot of work, but it is rock solid and it won't need to be replaced for quite some time!

Good luck.

Check the 4x4 stores, most sell them,( the kind certifiable posted) it's a common problem.
Or you could just fab your own.
Don't you just love ohio jeeps. lol.
Just completed this little project on my CJ7. I bought a product called Saf-t-caps. You cut off the bottom half of the back 19" of your frame, on both sides. You then weld on the caps. Pretty straight forward stuff, and I'm a novice welder.

It's kind of a pain to have to remove everything (rear tire carrier, gas tank, rear cross member) to get to it, however. You'll need to replace the rear cross member, as well. The completed project is very solid. Having done it once, I'd be tempted to buy the steel, and fabricate the boxing myself. I would for sure if I had a plasma cutter. The caps were $100 each, and that's a lot to pay for convenience.

I have pics of the project. I can put them up, if that'd be helpful. Thought I'd write an article when I get time.

Good Luck,
Pictures would be very helpful. I would appreciate you posting them so I can take a look. Thanks.

Here are some pictures of what it looks like, the best I could get with the angle I had to take them at.

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