Freeing up a t90 transmission.

Freeing up a t90 transmission.


1953 CJ3b
Ok, I'm doing this project jeep, 1953 CJ3b , the trans was shifting about two years ago, but the shed sprang a leak right over the shifter so......... it's pretty rusty. Won't shift nor will either driveshaft turn. Froze up for sure, do any of yall know any tricks. I'm still going to tear er down, but just wondering. Right now I have marvels miracle oil in it.
Get a couple of cans of PB Blaster and start spraying away. Let it soak, spray it some more, repeat as necessary.
There are no tricks for rusted bearings and your just gona have to figure a rebuild, as a matter of fact I would not try to "make" it work just for convenience.
You should rebuild your case and resist buying a new Omix unit or any of there parts for that mater. Let me know what it ends up needing and I may have some parts left from mine.
For your bearings, get the numbers off your originals and google that # for replacements so you get Timkens or good quality.
Trick I used is fill it with kerosene all way to the top and let it sit for about 2 or 3 days so it penetrates all the internals it broke this eng loose so should do the same for trans and transfer case
looked like it sat in ocean for 30 years

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