Fuel filler neck...

Fuel filler neck...


Boston, MA
1984 Jeep CJ-7 6cyl 5spd
So I'm happy with my YJ swap. Now, I'm at the point where i have to reinstall the fuel tank around 180°. Therefore, i need longer filler and vent necks. I was wondering what people have used for this. Will heater hose be ok? Or do I need fuel hose?

Anyone done this mod who can walk me through the issues before i get back underneath the car?


(CJ->YJ tub swap. CJ fuel fill on Rt. YJ on Lt.)
The YJ tank has the hose adapters closer to the corner towards the cap opening. When you flip the CJ tank, it puts the adapters about 4" (max) farther back.

I know people have done this- come on! Let me know what product you used.
I have done just the opposite.

I have a CJ5 tub with a YJ steel tank. I upgraded the tank to run an internal fuel pump for the Corvette engine.

I flipped the tank 180, which moved the filler/vent hoses forward about 4".

I used a Scrambler filler hose (longer) and some left over AN-6 fuel line hose for the vent tube.

Hope that helps.

I've done it 2 ways.

  1. Cut a straight section and add whatever length you need using 2 hose-to-hose fittings, connectors.
  2. Find the right size fuel hose on the internet. More trouble and cost, but worth it if you want to take the time.
Make sure you use fuel rated hoses only.
So here's what I'm doing:

I bought 3/4" and 1/2" coated ABS piping rated for "gasoline and caustic chemicals." ...also bought bulk heater hose.

I'm going to measure the distance of addition I need, then cut the pipe. I'll use plumber's cement and slide a smaller piece of heater hose over the pipe, so the pipe ends are still exposed. Then, use a PVC flaring tool (AKA really hot cone) to get a flare on the ends. Then, I'll cut the hose at the longest straight section. Then, I'll put either end of the old hose on the ends of new piping and use plumber's cement in conjunction with hose clamps to secure it. Then, I'm going to use a fiber weave hose repair kit to seal up the fuel hose to the section of heater hose over the pipe. This should make a seamless, stiff, insulated hose!

For those of you who're worried about the exhaust being directly underneath this, I'm using motorcycle exhaust wrap on that section of the tailpipe. When it rots, I'm replacing it with a YJ exhaust, which plumbs out the other side of the car. Right now, I'm trying to get it running before street cleaning begins in April.............

I like the heater hose protector. :)

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