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fuel gauge


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I have an aftermarket fuel gauge and a new sending unit. When I pivit the float the gauge only reads 3/4 to full? Thing is I can't bend the arm of the float to make any difference. Then I broke the sending unit trying to adjust it. I'm getting another sending unit at work today and trying it again. I have verything wired at the back of the jeep out of the tank. does the original sending unit not work with aftermarket gauges? Pictures later today.
You sending unit and gauge are not correctly matched. Bending the arm will not help.

The sending unit has a specific resistance at the low and the high point and the gauge must be matched to the same resistance. Some after market gauges are adjustable.

What gauge do you have (brand and part number).
8363 equus fuel gauge, the sending unit ohms out like it
s suppose to
OK I rechecked it. It's 14 to 70 I should have bought a ford gauge instead of an AMC gauge. Who would have known?
The gauge should be 10-73 ohms to match the cj sending unit.
I don't understand the options for equus gauges are GM, FORD/Chrysler/ , and AMC. I have another gauge on order and will fid out if it's the right one. Thank Yall. In the mean time, I put some gas in a jar and can't believe what I found. Thats a good 3/4 of water just in five gallons of "gas". WTF!!!!
Thank all of yall for your help. Now I know why my sending unit was corroded. I got that fixed and will get a new gauge tomorrow and everything should be good to go. Gotta find somewhere else to get gas though.
Switched the fuel gauge and it read e. Put 5 gallons of gas in it and it slowly moved up to 3/4 of a tank. I have a fuel gauge!!!!

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