Fuel leak????

Fuel leak????


My 74 CJ5 is leaking gas from bottom of carb. The motor is cutting out beacause of this. Would the problem be the gasket or is my float stuck? It runs fine if i rev it up just when idleing its doing this. thanks for any help.
If you have a stuck float it will create a rich fuel condition effecting the operation of your engine. If you are fortunate, sometimes tightning up a few screws and fittings can stop the leak. A spark from a worn spark plug wire can also solve your problem, although maybe it is time for a carb kit which will give you new gaskets and new needle and seat for a stuck float.
If I were you I would not be driving it until you get it fixed or it could catch fire and you may be looking for another Jeep.
Sounds like a gasket; stuck float it'll be coming out the vent on top.
I think it might be the gasket to. I'm not driving it. Gonna try to fix the gasket first, but can't get one till Monday afternoon. Bummer.

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