Full-on conversion ?'s

Full-on conversion ?'s


Lacey/Olympia, Wa
83 CJ7
AMC 360
904? A/T
200 T-case?
I was wondering if anyone has put a 90's Grand Cherokee V8,A/T and T-case complete, into their CJ. How well do ya'll think it'll work? I now have a AMC 360 with a 3 speed A/T and it's a bit tempermental with running smoothly, reliability and not being rapped out doin' 55,mph. I can fab most anything to mount it all. Seems it would be a pretty painless swap. Tell me what you think. thx
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Late model FI injected drivetrain swaps are common. Big issue #1 is that you will need a driver's drop front axle. A high-pinion Dana 30 out of a YJ with 297-joint axles is a significant upgrade over the CJ Dana 30 and may be the easiest way to go. When updating an XJ from a Renix 4.0 to a OBD 4.0 we parked both vehicles side by side to make sure we got everything we needed and had an easy reference. Wiring is the biggest issue. Some Magnum series Mopar LA motors use the same motor mounts as earlier small block Chryslers and some don't but places like Novak can accommodate this if you aren't fabbing your own. Length of tranny might be an issue as the multi-speed autos tend to be a little longer than 3-speeds and I would not be surprised if you needed to fab a crossmember. New driveshafts are probably a surety. Good luck!
Ok, I gotta learn all the parts. I can call out part #'s for military vehicles all day. My rear d-line is short enough as it is. Will research this more. In the meantime...she runs good enuff to climb some trees. T hanks sorry for yellin.lol

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