Gaucho Jeep cj pick up build

Gaucho Jeep cj pick up build


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For those of you who arent familiar with Jeff Scherb he does some awesome metal work. This is going to be his latest creation. For other builds hes done look for the retro wrangler and overlander. Just some real nice work this man does. Its a long read to catch you up but well worth it. :) Gaucho pickup build - Jeep Scrambler Forums & Discussions
I'm diggin on that trailer.
It really is a great buildup. I am watching it and have been asking tons of questions to see how he is going to do this and that and if he has thought about this and that.

I was just happy I nailed hte chevy rear fender... although he really did cut that thing down to where it was like a mini chevy fender...

hes got a good project going, ive been watching it on jeepforum
Figured Id give this a bump in case some missed it. I was gonna try and grab this had I not found a Scrambler. If cash allows I may still try when its ready.
That Gaucho Jeep cj pick up build was a great thread. That guy is quite the craftsman.:notworthy:
Yeah , he was out at Moab with it awhile ago. He mustve played his cards right cause hes retired young and travels quite a bit. Then he has the CJ8 with the world cab thats pretty sweet also.
And he got his Retro Rig into JP mag... pretty cool!

I hope I am playing my cards right, because I don't want to work now... and I am 34! Actually, with proper planning and not wanting to live a crazy extravagant lifestyle, anything is possible, even in this economy.


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