Glove Box Insert

Glove Box Insert


Tiffin, Ohio
1974 CJ 5, 6 cyl 3 speed, AMC 20 Rear, Dana 30 Front
So I've been told that the glove box inserts were first made of cmplressed paper, is that true? But anyways, I was wondering if anyone has made their own and if so do you happen to have a pattern to go off of or dimensions? I want to make it out of some scrap sheet metal I have, just dont know how to cut it yet. Let me know if anyone knows or finds anything. Thanks.
Yes, a cardboard glove box. Brilliant idea.
Actually it amazes me that many of them are still in one piece 30 years later.
Years ago I bought a plastic glove box for a CJ7 I had.
Whew!, the glove box build was something else. By the time and money I would have to spend for band aids, beer (looks like a half day project for sure), and anger management therapy; I think I would be better off to buy one.

Looks cool though, sometimes the personal satisfaction of doing it yourself is a reward in itself.
Years ago I bought a plastic glove box for the CJ.

Plastic was around $20.
It's more than doubled now. $50 at JCWhitney.

That's a lot for a plastic box.
Oh, I forgot: you also get screws.
luckely i work for an injection molding plant that supplies parts to chrysler, a lot for the new jeep wranglers (jk program). maybe i can find something here that will work and not have to buy a thing seeing that making something up will be rough and parts like that are expensive (even though it cost under $1 to make). haha. thanks for the replies.
i just removed my original 1981 CJ7 glove was in such nice condition i didnt even realize it was paper until i started pulling it out. crazy.

i pretty much never have a top on so i needed to trade that thing out for something that locks.

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