Good buy on a T18?

Good buy on a T18?


NW Arkansas
1979 CJ7. Fresh 258 I6 stock T-150 D20 AMC20, 2008 Dodge 2500 Ram 4x4 6.7L Cummins 6 speed auto, 2009 Kawasaki ZX-10R.
Hey guys. I've got a 79 CJ7 with a 258 I6. I'm currently using the stock T-150 3-speed with a Dana 20. I have found a T18 4-speed with a Dana 20 for $650. Does this sound like a fair price? I do not know when the last time it was rebuilt.
Sounds good to me. Just make sure it came out of a CJ. If it was in a FC or a FSJ it may have the long input shaft that would need to be replaced.
Look at this picture. This factory adapter between the T18 and the bellhousing indicates this T18 has the long input shaft.
Thanks for the visual. Seller states it is out of a running 79 CJ5. I know it didn't come from the factory that year. From what I understand, these are becoming hard to find. Just wanted to know if the price was right even if I had to rebuild it.
Its a sloppy shifting tough as nails tranny and is worth it if you dont want to spend 6 more month looking for another one. Mine is not rebuilt and the same year and it works great. Third is tough to find once in awhile but i never worry about breakage.
From what I understand, these are becoming hard to find. Just wanted to know if the price was right even if I had to rebuild it.
Go for it. Yes they are getting hard to find. I say if you let this one go you'll spend months looking for another. You may have others that say they found a good jeep T18 for half that price. Just ignore them. If they say that after you buy this one then slap them and then ignore them.
Thought I would give an update. By the time I decided to drop the hammer and buy it, sadly it was sold. I've spent many an hour searching for another one that wasn't $800 or 1000 miles away. Well, yesterday I bought one for $200. Bad thing is, it's got the long input shaft. Mine looks basically the same as the pic above. So, is it a big deal to replace the input shaft? I think I'm just going to have it rebuilt anyway. It's out of a 76 J20.

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