Good bye "Renegade Plum"

Good bye "Renegade Plum"


Springville, Pa.
'79 CJ5, '83 DJ5, '04 Silverado
Ok, so I thought about it all winter and decided to RE-paint the Jeep. Say good bye to the Renegade Plum. I'm thinking of painting it the original silver, as it is a Silver Anniversary edition Jeep. Just wasn't crazy about the light silver, I may go a bit darker and metallic. My in-laws got the the all the decals for Xmas. Now comes the hard part, wet sanding the whole thing and taping off AGAIN before priming and painting AGAIN.
Your name just won't have the same meaning anymore.:(
Good choice unless your a a Vikings fan. lol
go for it and never look back. But like you said, work work work. seems we spend more time with these things than with our wives, Hey I might have hit on something here.:p
I was thinking about painting mine the silver color but its not a aniversary. i say put it back to factory color!
Sorry Dave, too late!



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Thanks, it's not so much silver, it's more a metallic gray and I liked the '74 Renegade decals better then the '79.

Mine is the same scheme, but I painted the stripe from the bumper to the windshield.;)
Must say you did a great job,if you ever in florida you can paint my jeep! I like the Renegade decals, been wanting to get the original ones back on mine, but waiting to paint it one day first.

Less personality, IMO, but looks great.
Man, you don't waste any time do you? I like it, it looks sweet not-tagged-smiley-10203.png
Man that is one bad <-BAD WORD-> jeep! :notworthy: i think i may try my hand at painting mine when the time comes instead of paying for it. Originally the dark red but not a fan of red car/trucks. Thinkin about green for mine! anyone have a green jeep:D
Wow, those stock Renegade stickers look great with that color. Very classy.
you did an excellent job.:cool:
Thanks, I just bought a hvlp gun at Tractor Supply, beats the hell out of my old paint gun. I think anyone could paint with one of those paint guns.
Is that base and clear or just a one stage paint? It looks great!

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