Good cause...a little help if possible.

Good cause...a little help if possible.


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This is a bit out there. My father has dementia and we're currently dealing with him and cleaning up his property in California. One of the things I have to deal with is my old FJ40 which was being stored there. After giving the whole thing a lot of thought, I decided I really had no desire to renew my Yoda habit....simply don't have the time nor space to add another money hungry project. With that, I posted over at a Toyota forum my intent to find a good home with someone who could take up the cause that I left. I was hoping to get a few bucks but was more interested in finding a suitable new owner...and I found one. Her name is Joni and she recently lost her older brother while he was stationed in Iraq. Her family has a pretty special story (it's avaliable at the link I'll post). I donated the Yoda to Joni...she's easily the most perfect person I could have found to carry on my old project. The members at that site have taken up the challenge to see about covering some or all of the transportation costs of getting my Yoda from California to Georgia. Knowing that Jeep guys and FJ40 guys are pretty much cut from the same cloth...we all tend to be idiots...I'm hoping that some here could throw a little help towards getting Joni her Cruiser. Special projects pop up all the time but this one should allow for most to watch the progress. I'm honored to have donated my old Yoda and I'm hoping to enlist more help if possible. Thanks guys.
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Great thread and a great gesture! I'm sure the Yoda is going to a good home and I wish you and your Father well being!

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