Grand Cherokee CV drive shaft on CJ7?

Grand Cherokee CV drive shaft on CJ7?


Lutherville, MD
1982 CJ-8 w/ AMC 401
1979 CJ-7 Renegade w/4.2L Project
Anyone know whether an early 90s Grand Cherokee CV type drive shaft will work on a CJ7? The front drive shaft from one of those would be a perfect fit for my T19 tranny swap I'm looking to do, plus I've got a little lift so can't hurt to have a CV joint.
you will need a cv style yoke for your t/c, I don't think the GC. has the right spline count on it's yoke. Probably not the right lenght but you can fix that.
Depends on the xfercase you are using. The front CV shaft from an early 90's XJ will work just fine with a D300. You will need the flange from the XJ and you will need to shorten the shaft considerably.

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