Grand Cherokee Discs/Drum Swap

Grand Cherokee Discs/Drum Swap


Camby, IN
I know this Forum is for CJ's but I'm new here and thought I'd throw it out for consideration. Thanks not not breaking out the flame thrower...

I'm looking at swapping in a new axle assemby into a '95 Grand Cherokee. I've sourced a new/old stock D35/drum brakes, while the original had discs.

Does anyone know of any issues I might have in retrofitting the discs?


As long as you get the backing plates, rotors, pads, calipers and the rubber brake lines, you should be good to go. I swapped some drums to disks for a friend once on his TJ. It was a piece of cake. Didn't take more time then a case of :beer:! The donar was a 98 (I think) Grand Cherokee.

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