Half Steel Door question.

Half Steel Door question.


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I just repainted the half steel doors that were given to me when I bought my CJ7. I am missing one of the hard plastic door skins that goes with the driver door. I was wondering if you guys knew where I could get new ones. Do you guys know of a place? I called Collins Brothers but they only sell door skins with the doors. Thanks. I am looking for black ones.


This is the pic of what the doors looked like before I redid the Jeep. The mirrors are no longer there. They could be YJ doors but I am not sure. Thanks.

They are YJ doors, CJ's never came with half doors.

If you're looking for the interior door skin, you're either going to have to go with an aftermarket one, like the stainless steel or diamondplate kind, or shop around junkyards, ebay or craigslist for used ones, I don't think there is any aftermarket support for OE style ones.
Thanks for the reply. That is what I figured. Looks like I will be searching ebay for a while.
you know I have friends with TJ doors on their YJs, so that may be another source
Well it appears that I am a dumbass, haha. When I went on quadratec the search was filtered because I had my Jeep as a CJ when I searched. When I switched to a YJ this is what I came up with:

900 000 - Replacement Door Panel for 87-95 Jeep® Wrangler YJ 1/2 Steel Doors - Quadratec

Looks like I need to get some additional parts though, like the door pull handles.

I'm interested in these as well. Like to hear your opinion if you get them. Especially like the thinner profile. My door pin inserts are tan though... I was missing a door pull handle. Had one of those velcro grab handles for the roll bar where the plastic buckle broke. Cut the strap to size, installed grommets and, Bob's your uncle, a new door pull handle.

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