Hard doors cj7

Hard doors cj7


1981 CJ7 4.2 258 straight 6 dual exhaust, 4 barrel carb, headers, 36" tires, 4" susp lift and 2" body lift
1981 CJ5 4.2 258 Straight 6 2" body lift and 2" susp lift 33" mud terrain tires
I have my new CJ7 and never dealt with hard doors, how do I remove the doors?
youu should be able to just pick them up and remove them. Make sure the restraining strap and any wires are unhooked first.

And be careful as the doors are VERY heavy!
Should be a nut on the bottom hinge pin X 2 each side; remove them. The hinge pin, which is part of the hinge side attached to the door, (removes together door, hinge and all), can be hard to pull out of the hole sometimes. One way to get it out is to put a little penetrating oil at the pin then swing the door back and forth while pulling up; it can take some time and effort to get it to go. As stated before the doors are heavy so be prepared when things break loose.
Also have a nice padded place to set the doors down onto like a folded old piece of carpet, a thick piece of cardboard, etc. If you set them down on a cement floor, you will cut the paint on the bottom edge of the door, and then Mr. Rust will be paying you a visit.

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