Hard top cap

Hard top cap


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1979 Jeep CJ5 with '72 304 V8, MC2100carb,T150 trans, AMC20 rear diff with locker, Dana 30 front diff, Dana 20 Tr Case, Procomp Springs, Gabriel Ultra shocks.
I bought a Meyers Orville steel hard top yesterday for my 78 CJ5 . I have a couple questions. It came with new side windows and window trim but it wasn't installed. Any suggestions on how to do this? Do I use some sort of sealant between the metal and the rubber or the window and the rubber? I wondered about installing a sliding window. Any thoughts? Also, I'm not sure how it should mount to the windshield. Does it just bolt in to the windshield? Is there a seal that goes on the front lip? Finally, any ideas where to get the hinges that go on the windshield frame?
I have been building this 79 CJ5 with a late 60s meyers super cab for 5 years.

I am in re assembly after paint right now

I will try to get you some close ups of the top when shes all back together but i had to modify my windshield hinges to make it look right

I am using windshield sealant on the top of the windshield frame under the front lip of the hood. Otherwise with a seal (or weatherstrip foam) you WILL HAVE DIMPLES across the top when you screw it together.

Also, it makes sure you are water tight and weather proof !
I appreciate the photos. I ended up trading mine straight for a new soft top. I had mine on for about a month and just didn't like it.

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