Has anyone ever built their own frame?

Has anyone ever built their own frame?
:laugh: One thing you have to realize is that Longhorn seems to have a never-ending supply of pics to use for reference, on anything ever done or dreamed of to a Jeep! It never ceases to amaze me.
I don't believe that is his handywork.

Yeah I know I'm just a tad CJ obsessed.:eek: Little CJ5 is correct that's a file photo. when you have 2 a terabyte memory and a obsession you end up with a lot of pic's. Quite a few pic's are stuff I've done though, I have a large barn, 2 welding machines, 2 torch set ups, bench grinders, chop saws, band saw. 80 gallon air compressor, paint spray rig. In other words, I kill a lot of time in my shop. :D The body was mounted with 1"x2" tubes layed across the frame rails and the body was mounted to that. I was a rusted out flat fender reclamation project.;)

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