Haunted gauges!?

Haunted gauges!?


1982 CJ7 4.2 / T4
Ok, before I start tearing the wiring out, maybe some of you learned individuals here can help me out....my oil pres. and volt meter both fluctuate when the lights are on....what I mean by fluctuate is that they will change the reading as I dim the dash lights. Dim the lights and they both go to zero, turn them up and both gauges peg....grrrr!:mad:, work normally when the lights are off. Just a side note the po went a little crazy with wiring behind the dash, he probably has something crossed (besides his eyes).

Thanks for any and all help!
Sounds like the PO has tied the gauge 12v input into the dimmer rheostat output... :(
I agree.

Make sure the gauges had 12V with the key on and a good ground. The only other wire is the sender wire.

Lighting is separate.

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