Having trouble calibrating eldelbroke 600

Having trouble calibrating eldelbroke 600


west palm beach
79 cj7 jeep renegade amc360. T150 trans Dana 20 and Dana 30
So I'm having trouble calibrating my new eldelbroke 600 with my rebuild 360 with only 2000 miles on it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm new to the whole mechanic thing lol
Honestly the best thing would be edelbrocks website go to their tech video section and they have a comprehensive video series from opening the box to setup and troubleshooting very good stuff.
Those carbs have a great deal of things you can do tuning wise, but I was never really great at it. I'll try to help you but we all need to know what symptoms you are experiencing. Poor idle, poor acceleration....etc.
when i go to stop the idle stays high for 15-20 seconds then drops down and also sometimes when i turn the jeep off it'll sputter and stay runnin for a few seconds
So many things could be going on. As Tinman mentioned, you might try their tech website first. I didn't know they had one. I have never owned an Edlebrock, too me they are "too" tuneable, however, some swear by them. Guess I would start by verifying float levels ( if I remember correctly, it has 2 floats, one on each side ), ensure throttle linkage operates smoothly and quikly returns to the idle speed adjustment screw , ensure the air/fuel screws are correctly adjusted, ensure no vacuum leaks of any kind. Keep us posted.
Edelbrock has excellent support. I didn't even buy my Edelbrock carb. The PO installed it and it was set for sea level. I called them up. That's what you should do. Here's their number: Tech Line : 800-416-8628 Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm PST
Edelbrock.com - Contact Us

Our philosophy is that the telephone is the most effective way to communicate and trouble shoot any issues or concerns you may have. For that reason technical email support is not currently available.
With a 360 is the eldelbrock the way to go or holly?
Brand is personal preference. Both Holly and Edelbrock are aftermarket carbs and for that reason they both have good support.
The size is more important. I would get about 600 CFM
Also there are some carbs that are geared for off-roading such as the Holly Truck Avenger. These carbs are less likely to flood when going over rough terrain or on steep slopes.
Check out this link: Holley Performance Products 670 CFM Four Barrel Carburetor*0-90670

You can also modify your Edelbrock for better off-road performance. Set the float slightly lower and install a Off Road Float Needle & Seat. I've done it and it helps a lot and that's what I would recommend since your carb is already 600 CFM.
I have some experience with the edelbrock....... First of all they really are not four wheeler friendly even with the off road needle and seat assembly installed... They hate to be bounced around and with stiff suspension and an incline they tend to stall out on rough terrain... Thats my experience anyway...... The alternate idle problem sounds like you need to change the step up spring's for the metering rods. They are easy and inexpensive.
The dieseling is most likely a vacuum leak as mentioned, timing, or poor fuel. Hope this helps. If your not set on that carb I highly recommend a holley...IMO.

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