Hazard knob

Hazard knob


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Anyone have a source for a new hazard knob? Mine's cracked & would have to be glued on.
I don't own a late model CJ so a question... Isn't the hazzard knob the same as all the other knobs on the CJ?

This will help to find one as if it is, almost every Jeep merchant sells knobs.
It's a pretty standard item for most GM steering colums around the same year. I would suggest that you find an old GM wreck someplace and just unscrew the little knob.
:dung:! LOL - Forgot that it was on the column... LOL - I was thinking of mine as it's on the dash!
Its OK, Cj, I was thinking the same thing when I read it. I was going to suggest a set of billet knobs like what mine has. Now I'm glad I didn't! :laugh:

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