Build Thread headed downhill....FINALLY!

Build Thread headed downhill....FINALLY!


1974 cj5 currently in process of body off restoration and installing fiberglass tub
hey guys i think im finally on the downhill side of the restore on my 74 CJ5 ! finally got the engine and trans off today and got the brackets built to mount the fiberglass tub. Now its on to painting the chassis, which brings me to the next question. Has anyone used por15? Im planning using the marine clean and then the metal prep and then im going to spray the rust inhibiting paint and then the chassis coat. Anyone know how much of each it will take? Any input on that or anything is greatly appreciated! Also I was wondering i have a new baby on the way and trying to get the jeep back together without an arm and a leg but still do it right. One thing i wanted to address is a power steering leak. Does anyone know how to convert a power steering gear box to a manual gear box. the pump leaks and all the brackets are butchered and I am just going to try to make it manual for now. I am assuming you would have to link the pressure and return ports or vent them somehow to make it steer properly. Anyone have any ideas?

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