Why would you want to? I don't think it is even possible.
it is possible, I've done it to a few of my trucks. Problem is, you will need to re-wire and upgrade every component in your lighting system and add relays at key locations in the circuit. Are you knowledgeable enough to do that? Or at least follow a wiring diagram enough to wing it?
The stock wiring is not heavy enough to run that much amperage thru it when it was new, add 30 years of corrosion and wear, and you are asking to burn you CJ down if you don't do a full upgrade. Plus you may find that you don't need to run both sets at once once the headlights can get the proper current!
So why don't you just upgrade to the new H4 headlights? You can buy the kit for $102.99 and it will give you a much brighter light.
i bought my 7" projectors from advance auto for $31.00 each with h4 bulbs

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