Help .. Valve noise

Help .. Valve noise


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Ok I'm about fed up with Murphy's Law and my CJ7 . It died on my last week and wouldn't restart. Diagnosis jumped timing. I installed a new set of gears and a new chain (could almost remove chain without touching gears-upper nylon junk). Now after buttoning it up I fire it up and now I have lifter noise. I ran it and checked timing and its right on the mark. Also it is reading good oil pressure. My jeep is a 77 CJ7 with a AMC 304 . Anyone have an idea where to start on this? Thanks.
before you tear the motor apart again, try some seafoam or marvel mystery oil. sometimes its that simple
How many teeth did it jump? Might have bent a valve? Do a compression check.

Might just be dirty, sticky lifters.

I don't know what AMC was thinking with those fiber gears. I went though one every 25k mikes on my 74 Javelin when new. Steel gears changed that.
Stock AMC 304 's cannot bend a valve, there are always valve and piston clearance... :)

Looking at the stock specs, looks like you're right. No wonder I never bent a valve after goining through 3 timing gear sets.

'74-78 AMC 304
'74-79 360 '74-78 401 Lobe lift .266" .286" Valve lift (1.6x) .426" .458" Intake valve opens 14.75* BTDC 25.57* BTDC Intake valve closes 68.75* ABDC 90.75* ABDC Exhaust valve opens 56.75* BBDC 80.80* BBDC Exhaust valve closes 26.75* ATDC 42.75* ATDC Valve overlap 41.50* 68.32* Intake duration (adv) 263.50* 296.32* Exhaust duration (adv) 263.50* 303.55*

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