help with belly pan removal

help with belly pan removal
southern california
1977 cj7 golden eagle edition
so I would like to remove the pan but on first look I cant seem to find where to support the trans, the pan is holding up the trans right? so the trans needs to be supported to remove right? Im sure I can figure it out if I go back out in the garage I can figure it out, but its hot out there, and im sure someone here has the answer....
thanks in advance
Can you support it with a jack ahead of the pan somewhere?
I think the easiest way is with a strap through the trans. tunnel. Other wise the floor jack is always in your way.
I think the easiest way is with a strap through the trans. tunnel. Other wise the floor jack is always in your way.

well i guess this is how ill do it. seems like the only way where stuff is not in the way, thanks :)
is this the trans or tcase?

The pan never has the mount on it but it may hide part of it.

You can put a jack under the tcase, pull crossmember, then pull the pan.

Where are you in Socal?
What engine do you have? AMC 258 i6 / 4.2l ? Please fill out your profile.
If you have a AMC 258 i6 / 4.2l you have to remove the passenger engine mount. It's in the way. To do that you need to support the bellhousing. Then there is also a brace going from one side of the frame to the other. This is held on with one bolt on each side. The right bolt will come off with the engine mount.
I guess we need to figure out what the belly pan is first;

oil pan

trans pan (auto)

belly pan, skid plate, cross member, whatever you wanna call it, i did the 2x4 and strap and it worked well, thanks for the replies. :cool:

as for where i am in so cal, im in salton city.

thanks guys.
wow. The only place that rivals El Centro as being the worst city in the US.

I feel you on the heat today. Doing a ring and pinion and I could only make it for an hour at a time.
I use a wood block and a jack stand under the bell housing with no problems. Use PB Blaster on the bolts for a few days before you start turning the bolts to try and break up the rust. Unbolt the transmission mount from the skid plate then loosen the skid plate, put a pump jack under the skid plate then take out the bolts and lower it down.

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