help with stock seat belt mounting points

help with stock seat belt mounting points

Big B

Nicholasville, KY
78 CJ5, 258 3 speed, stock. Power steering.
The floor of my Jeep was replaced under the seats and the seat belts were not re-installed. Anybody have some pictures or description of mounting points ? I have the old lap belts which will go back in until I can get new 3 pt. belts.
Sorry we missed this post, with all the threads that go on here it does happen. :(

I don't have a 78 CJ5 but I do have a brand new 72 tub I can take some shots of if you would like. They will have to wait until this afternoon when I go to the shop.
I have a '79 CJ5. It came with just a lap belt. One end attached to the front of the rear wheel well. The other end attached next to the seat on the floor.
I replaced the OEM belts with 5 point harness but I still use the 2 original mounts. Maybe I can take a picture tomorrow.
I would really appreciate the pics. I have looked at every CJ ad on Craigslist and eBay just to find a picture of the seatbelt mounts, but with no luck.
Here's some pictures. I reused the OEM mounts for the lap belts. I don't know if you can see but when I mounted the belt near my center console I used some steel bent into sharp curve. The torx head bolt is going into the OEM bolt hole. I also have a picture from the bottom of the same bolt on the passenger side. I also have a pic of the wheel well where the other end of the belt is attached. I can't shoot the inside of that attachment because the roll bar is in the way.
Try to reuse the OEM attachments. If you can't the sheet metal won't be able to hold a regular bolt and nut. You can get something like this to distribute the force.

Omix Seat Belt - Seat Belt Harness Floor Mount - Oval Washer with Welded Nut - 13202-06 by Omix
Does anyone know the size/thread count for the oem bolts? I would like to reuse the factory mounting holes/nuts when installing my new belts on my 78 CJ5 but don't have the bolts
It should be 7/16 fine thread.
Here is a link that you can buy them:
Scroll down to where it says MH2-Mounting Kit. The kit costs $2.50 and includes 2 bolts

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