Here we go guys....trans questions

Here we go guys....trans questions


78 CJ5-304, dana 30(F), Amc 20(R), Dana 20, soon to be T150
Alright guys, I'm new to the forum but I have a decent knowledge of cars and jeeps. My family has been around cars for 3 generations now but I'm the first to branch out into the Jeep arena. SO any help would be great.
OK take a deep breath before reading this...
I currently have a Ford Toploader trans in my Cj, I know it's a good trans but it isn't the one your thinking of. This is a hot rod trans made for older mustangs and torinos. NOT the truck trans. So I'm writing this because the PO did the switch and it sucks canal water to drive. In about an hour I'm going to pick up a T-150 and another Dana 20. If anyone knows anything about this top loader swap please help me out. I need to know if I'm going to be needing to change anything back outside of the tranny. Like the bell housing....clutch linkages.....the clutch itself will be replaced. If any one can help please do because I'd really like to drive my jeep. It's been a slow process for almost a year with a little parts store run here and there. I'd really like to be able to drive my jeep to work but I currently am not able to :(.
Hey man, Welcome! :ww:

I am no expert, so take these as assumptions you should research more, and if someone else on here has conflicting info, they are probably the correct one! :cool:

That being said...

Not too sure about the transmission you have, so it will be hard to tell if you are going to need the new bellhousing, but I would "assume" so... The clutch linkage "should" be adjustable, but it is always a possibility it may have been reconfigured from the original form.

Now if you were referring more towards the clutch disc, pressure plate, and throwout bearing, fork etc, You will need to replace the disc and pressure plate almost for sure

As far as the tranny you currently have, I'm not too sure what originally came in the old mustangs / torinos... Is it a close ratio T-18? :confused:

If you can figure out that, It may be easier (and a lot more rewarding) to find a Ford T-18 wide ratio "truck" transmission to swap in. You'll love the granny low gear off road. :drool:

But again, these are all assumptions and opinions...


~ JR
The T-14 and T-150 bellhousings are different. The T-150 is not as deep by about an inch. Not a fan of the the T-150.

Good Luck
If your going to just do street driving and or mild off roading and not much highway driving the T-150 will work. That is what came in my jeep with a Dana 20 and 4.10 gearing. If you plan on moderate off roading put a different tranny in, first gear is way to high, you won't be happy.As far as bell housing and such hopefully somebody else can help you there.I put in an nv4500 for lower first gear and overdrive for highway, not the cheapest route to go.
1st off, Why do you not like the Ford top loader?
Is there a shifting issue or gearing?
The bell housing I'm think is a stock Jeep bell, because they use a Ford bolt pattern.
As far as the clutch linkage goes: Pictures, Pictures, Pictures.
You know they a picture is worth a thousand words.:rolleyes:
Alright guys, thanks for the comments. First off the ford top loader tranny may be a near bullet proof tranny (which I've read) but the ratio of my particular top loader is more of a road racing trans than anything. Also the PO did a hack job on the tranny and it leaks like a faucet. I found the T-150 and another Dana 20 transfer case for $125 so I just jumped on it. I know it's not the best for what I plan to do with my jeep but it'll work for the time being. Good news is it came off a 304 and he gave me the bellhousing with it. Nicely cleaned and painted up, whoever owned it even put in small plugs to keep the inside clean. I think I jumped the gun before I knew what I had so things should go rather smooth with swapping it back in but we all know how a few hour job turns into a few day job....thanks for the comments tho guys it's great. I'll keep you posted on the problems I'm sure I'm going to run into lol
I would not be surprised if this isn't a walk in the park. you may run into problems when you get to the drive shafts. check the splines on the input to the clutch disk.

T-150 is a solid transmission but the 1st is a bit high I also think if mud is your thing the 3 speed is the way to go. 1st to reverse is a straight shot :cool:
Thanks I'll be sure to check the splines and yea I'm more of a mud guy.

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