HID bulb swap help

HID bulb swap help


Chattanooga, Tn
1979 CJ5 360ci 6" lift 37" tires full roll cage
well. It is the 4th weekend, most guys are out and about or maybe you are the first to do it, I just use the newer quartz halogens, lots cheaper and very bright. If you have to have HIDs, go for it and post up the mod so we all can be jealous
honestly I dont know the difference in HID H4 or any of that I just want better than these sealed OEM ones! I cant see jack hah it looks like the ebay auction I linked said they are H4 which apparently is just regular halogen which if you say works for you I am going to go with it. Though, I may upgrade the bulbs to some 10k HID bulbs in the future to give my blue jeep some style and take you up on that jealousy offer hah :chug:
you can hook your headlights up on a relay and that would make them brighter. i dont have the info right now but if brock chims in i know he will have the info.
Those lights in your link are just a standard H4 bulbed light. They should be able to replace the stock sealed beam housing that is in there (if the '79s used a 7 inch housing. You will need to splice into your factory wiring to hook up to the H4 bulb. As suggested earlier run a relay for your lights, this will take the load off of your switch and make your lights a little brighter.

If you want HID then you would need to buy housings (the ones pictured have a "bulb cover" that won't work with the HID kit, it will get in the way I think) Empi makes a good houseing, buy an HID kit for an older VW, like a rabbit, they used 7" housings as well. Follow the wiring instructions and hook everything up.

HID lights are very bright and they overpower my spots. :D
HID lighting is the way to go, the only thing is that, that lighting system requires a balast to work. where a halogen uses 12v straight to the bulb. And most HID lights require a focus disk or like a magnifing glass. HID are the best - H4 halogen best bang for your buck!

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