Full Time Jeeper
Panama city florida
04 dodge truck, 1966 chevy truck, 2012 rav4
And finally a 1981 jeep cj7 258 hardtop
I have everything but turn signals
sounds like fun with electrical time
good luck
Possible flasher problem, or the switch in the steering column.

I had the same problem with mine, it turned out to be the switch in the column was the culprit. I went to the parts store and tried getting one for the Jeep, counterman tells me 5-6 days UGH!!! So I had him look one up for a 85 Chevy pickup, he had it in stock. I bought it and it works beautifully, the plug was a little bit longer than the Jeep one but plugged in just fine and everything works as it should.
I had the dash held up by the roll cage so I could work on the gauges, wiring, etc. Well it wasn't grounded! That was alot of my problems there. I can't remember what fixed my turn signals but everything works now that I ran a ground from my dash to the body.
So your LED lights prob work now. You should try them its worth a try.

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