How to clean a garage

How to clean a garage


All of this came out of my garage. My wife and I, with alot of elbow grease and a full truckload to the dump, made my garage into a mancave for me to enjoy. My spare wood is stored above. Precut wood for huricane proofing the windows on one side with my woodworking good stuff on the other. Notice the Mark Martin flags. I wish he would stop switching teams, as I am running out of room for new ones. We followed the 6S mentality. If you want to know what that is, follow this link. An Introduction to 6S
I now have a clean, functional garage where I can relax and work, watch tv, or just hang out with friends. I used to have a recliner, but now have that nice chair and footstool which is comfortable and easier to pull out and put away. Watch for my review on the Rigid shop vac you see hanging on the wall. Let me know what you think.:chug:
And yes, the Bowflex does get used, and not for hanging things on.
looks good. it is amazing how stuff can just pile up. we have a garage sales every year to get rid of stuff. dont like the price on it. what will you give me.:D i drive my wife nuts on somethings. i just want it gone.
That place looks so much better! I bet you can get both vehicles in there now!
I wish I could fit both vehicles in, but my wife drives a mini-van and I drive a 4 door chevy pick up. We can fit them in if I take out the table saw and put in the bed of the truck, all 500 lbs. of it. We only do that during the huricanes.

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