I-6 with Weber 34 DGEC running too rich

I-6 with Weber 34 DGEC running too rich

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1981 CJ7. I6, Weber 38/38 with TEAMRUSH upgrade. T5, Dana 300TC, Dana 30 / AMC 20, True trac w/ 4.10s. 33" All terrains

Blue and rust colored.
I have an I-6 that reeks of gas. I've made sure all my vacuum lines are sealed and the canister has been plugged where the lines aren't being used. I installed the Holley pressure regulator and it is running at 3.5psi. Per this thread here I just installed two 35 idle jets in the carb:

WEBER 34 DGEC Carb TOO RICH??, Jets & Tune for Jeep 4.2 / 258 - JeepForum.com

But now it will not idle smoothly at 700rpm when it used to purr. I got a 140 run jet to replace the 150 but didn't install it yet as I'd have to take the carb apart and it doesn't seem like it would fix the issue taking away even more gas. I'm about to go to advanced to try the team rush upgrade. I've already got an MSD ignition... are there any other ideas on what I need to do to get rid of the gas stench? I've got about 500 miles on my oil change and it's already starting to look black.
No replies so here's an update:

I put the team rush upgrade in and it improved things just a little bit but not enough to get a good idle from the 35 jets. I have two other things that could be contributing.

1) I am losing oil from my valve cover gasket, it doesn't seem to be sealed well at all.

2) There are things on my intake manifold and I don't know what they are. Can someone help me identify what these ports are and if they are possibly the source of the gas smell?

This picture is two raggedy looking ports on the left side of the manifold and I have no idea what they are


This second picture #1 I've gathered is the early fuel evaporation switch. How does this work and do I need to do anything with it? #2 is a port on the Weber 34 that didn't have anything going to it and I plugged and #3 was plugged by the PO. Should either of these be reconnected to the canister? All unused lines are plugged right now.


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