I do not live in the UK, turn off the wedding!

I do not live in the UK, turn off the wedding!


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I do not live in the UK! Stop broadcasting the damn thing and give me my news back! I could care less who married who in the UK!

I live in the - States - just want my news... :)
A quote from my friend Tron's (yes his name is really Tron) facebook page:

Years of religious persecution, long deadly boat rides and a war to get away from British rule and you actually give a :dung: that a prince is getting married?

My sentiments exactly
I can honestly say I have not seen one Iota of this freakin' wedding :dung:...Thats the advantage to not being a slave to the TV networks and their mindless programming.
All my news and entertainment comes off the interwebs...
I'm pretty sure 85-90% of the people watching the induction of the new royal brood bitch are female. Just think of it as as a "view" marathon and find something else to do.:D
I lowered my view of ABC news even further last night when that got opening front row billing over the devastation in the south of our own country. Doubt much if all the people with there lives ripped apart could give much concern to a wedding in another country but then with no power, roof over there heads or a tv they probably could'nt have watched anyway.
come on guys thats the MOTHERland

and :censored: them MOTHER :censored:'s for messing up my morning news
they can kiss my arse
The local news channel www.wrcbtv.com actually had the nerv to put up a survey asking which story viewers preffered the royal wedding, or a story about the local devastation. I live 15 min from ringgold and its probably the worst thing I have ever had the misfortune of seeing. We were lucky, really it was nothing short of a miracle, trenton just nw of us, flintstone about 5 miles from us, and ringgold just a little se, were all hit hard and several people killed, including a 3mo old baby and mother. I'm feeling extremely fortunate right now.


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