I married well.

I married well.


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I was invited to a wedding reception of a good friend yesterday, so I spent the morning giving the Cherokee a good cleaning, conditioned all the leather seats and polished them out nicely, re blacked all the trim and tires, and washed and waxed it. We got dressed and were walking out the door, when I remembered I forgot my bill fold and went back in to get it. I go out to the driveway, and my wife is sitting in the CJ :eek: I asked her, what are you doing? She says, arent we taking the Jeep? ..Yeah, the big one, not the little one.....Screw that, It's a nice day, lets take the little jeep! Off we go, my wife in a dress and heels, me in a suit and tie. :D I have a great wife!:notworthy:

That is a great wife. Hard to find a woman who knows how to please her man like that.

We left in the 67 for a picnic this morning and Brake demons showed up about 7 miles down the road, I had to disconect the rear brakes as they had hydrolocked, so once they were off I limped home, bummed, my wife grabbed the cooler and picnic basket and walked strait to the 70 and got in without even batting an eye. I mean she could have got into the 08, but no, she knows that CJs are what you go out in when you are going out in style.

I love that woman, and I know you love yours Coldwater, Women like that are too hard to find.

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