I'm not sure how i feel about this...

I'm not sure how i feel about this...


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So my brother found this while You-tube surfing... Most of me thinks this is the stupidest thing I have ever seen, but at the same time, I can imagine how much WORK AND PLANNING it took to accomplish this guy's goal, and marvel at his finished product, even though the first part of me still screams "What the :censored::censored:?"

For a sec, you may want to close the window, but check out the ending too. Looks to be completely remote controllable as well.

What do you all think?

Either way you can not deny it took a lot for this project to be at its finished stage right?


~ JR
Kind of like a Pixar cartoon. still laughing!

you could almost see it humping a land rover.:laugh::laugh::laugh:

the matching LED denim jacket was truly a fashion statement.

I have to agree on one point, whatever it is, it's a well built one.:cool:
They spent a lot of money on that build.
But my mind can't help from screaming "poor cj"
All I can say is WHY?
JR please don't make me watch any more video's like that.:laugh:
Thats what i said pooor Jeep. It made me feel the same way as when I see a classic car turned into a lowrider :barf:
Mind = blown.
Reminds me of this.:eek:
Looks like a Mechanical bull. Is there a 4X4 bar? The under carriage lights would be handy for after dark repairs.
Im just imagining the rock crawler that thing could have been built into given the money that was spent on meaningless attention-whore bling...

...Shameful :(

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