Install body panels?

Install body panels?


La Crosse, WI
1981 CJ5, 151 iron duke, SR4 trans with Dana 300.
1981 CJ5, 258, ? trans, dana 300
2007 Wrangler Unlimited, OME lift, 35s, 5.13
Newbie here-

Whats the best method for replacing body panels with minor rusting ?

It is better to cut the old ones out and weld in new replacements, or to just wld new panels over the existing ones ?

Thanks :)
I would never advocate welding a panel over a panel... Then you have a great area for water, moisture, rust and other things to start problems...

If it's a small area, a simple path usually works the best.
bump :)
Im going to start cutting mine out today. You can see on my passenger side floor board that someone put a panel over the existing floor. Like Cj said , it trapped water and didnt last very long.
Do you just leave about an inch or so overlap to weld the old panels to? I plan on herculining the inside when done.

Thanks !
Floor pans or side panels? IMHO - Floor pans you can get away with that, side panels you need to flange the panels for the bast fit.
An in. or so is good cause it leaves less room for water to get trapped in there. Im gonna go underneath mine and try and seal it up good. For the body panels flanged would be best. I decided to wait till my panels arrive before I start cutting to make sure I get a good fit. I'll take pics of the whole process when it gets underway. I'll be herculining it also.
It's been a while, but back when I used to chace rust and patch, I would cut the hole out, then place the patch over the hole from the inside and trace out the hole on the patch. Then cut the patch about a 1/4" bigger, put it back on the inside, and weld it into place both inside and out. Grind off the excess, and body fill the slight depresson on the outside. It made for a perfectly flat repair that wasabout impossible to find from the outside. NEVER weld a pannel over a pannel!
Excellent. Thanks a lot !

Hopefully I should start the floor panels and one side panel on tues / wed this week. Plan on posting pics in a new "rebuild thread" soon..:chug:
Picture005.gifPicture008.gifdoh.gif AAHHHH HELLO THIS TREAD IS OVER 2 YEARS OLD Picture012.gif:laugh:
Wow this threads old ! This project is all done...and I have two more jeeps since then !

Thanks for the reply though :)
Some work slower than others. :laugh::laugh::laugh:
Came at a good time for me:D, I have to repair an area under my tail light this weekend, had not done before. Thanks for the flange input CJ (back when). I am newer to welding and had not thought of that or the warp that might occur on the thin metal:chug:.

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