Installing New Voltmeter

Installing New Voltmeter


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Hi guys. Getting ready to add a new Sunpro voltmeter and it looks too simple for someone like me. Is it really as easy and running a wire to the + battery and one to the negative? And where should the bulb be connected? Remember I'm new to this so dummy it down for me :)

Also, I hear about the importance of a good ground. Can someone tell me where to find one on a 1979 CJ5 - or at least fill me in a little more on what makes a good one?

Thank you!
If your connections for your factory gauge is still there you can use them, they will slide right on to the studs on the back labeled + -, and no extra wiring involved (that's what I used). Or yeah you can, just run a pos wire to a ign switched 12v source, then ground, I would run a wire to the neg. Side of the batt for that, but you might get away with just grounding it to the dash.


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