Jeep buy backs

Jeep buy backs


Hello, My name is Vince McDaniels. I have been empowered by Jeep to buy back all Jeep CJ models with production dates from 06/65 to 12/86. Due to most of these models being restored, Jeep authorized me to offer $14,000 per vehicle with a valid title, no matter what condition. At this time I am not allowed to disclose the reason for this, but do not drive the CJ models in this range. Jeep will send a tow vehicle to remove them from your property. This is only valid today, April 1st 2009. After today, all offers for the buy back are void. Just contact the founder of this site for your money. If he tells you he doesn't know what you are talking about and says it is an April fools joke, don't believe him.

Respectfully yours,
Projectcrawler, I mean Vince McDaniels
That is just TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!:laugh:
So CJ you paying a good price for the CJ??? That would be a 12k profit for me.:D
Umm... I'm not sure who this JeepCorporate person s but he had better PM me soon! ;)

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