Jeep with a cat?

Jeep with a cat?


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Ha! made ya look, seriously I was wondering if anybody can tell me if a 1976 CJ 5 ( V8 304) came factory with a catalytic converter? we has emission testing and time to renew. Oh and no stickers to check.
OK think I found the answer if wrong please correct me, But I believe 1975 was first year for the cat.
I found references to cats in 1974...

Catalytic Converter 5370051

If your being tested, I would see what they say. Many times they don't have infomation that is correct on the old Jeeps. If they say you need a cat, tell them that some Jeeps in 76 came with a cat and some didn't. Since your CJ is 33 years old they will most likely give you an exemption...
personally I think testing a 33 y/o vehicle is for better words "STUPID", and that is the first one (converter)for a 1975 that I've seen.. Oh and unless you have the under hood sticker that states cat exempt (which I don't) you have to have one. oh well I'll contact the Tn dept of safety and see what they say in the morn.

Thanks Dan.

Also from SNOWTOW over at JU:
The '76 CJ7 I have specifically says "Non-Catalyst" on the dash sticker. No catalytic convertor.
I believe that the first year you find them in the full size Jeeps is 1979.

anybody else?
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I had a 78 and 79 , both with cats. Pa did away with emmisions and I decided to get one of those pacesetter dual axhaust kits for like $500. I put it on and a year later they brought back the emmisions stuff again. I had to buy 2 cats and redo the tailpipes again. :bang: Summit racing has some small cats that I used since the 5s are so short.
My 78 had a sticker on the dash that specifically stated "non calalytic converter." In this state, anything over 25 years is considdered an antique, and is 100% exempt from emissions testing......thank God...
I thought my 79 was the first year to have the cat on it, now if the California models had them earlier I don't know. Here in Ohio it was 79, then the 80 models came out with the high back seats. I had wished I would have waited a year for the seats, I have them now.:D
Well we can take it for what it's worth, But the Haynes manual states that some "1974" and newer models came with a converter. Is this right?. doesn't really matter because I'm going to put a pair of low resistant cats on I believe their like $50.00 each at Autozone plus have a friend who can get a discount.
I don't know the year, but from what I have read and understand there were two types of the stickers on the dash. One was black, and says non-catalyst, and the other is red marked catalyst. The difference being the non-catalyst did not have the air pump, injection tubes, and catalytic converter, and the catalyst version did. The sticker in the engine bay for engine discription also matches the sticker color on the dash.

Like coldwater said, he had the black one that said non-catalyst. I have a red sticker both on the dash and in the engine bay, because I "had" the catalyst stuff.

I have no idea if any of this helps or not, but I thought I'd share :chug:

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