Jury Duty Scam

Jury Duty Scam


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Normally I don't pay much attention to those "Avoid this scam!" sorts of forwards but this one actually checks out...

Federal Bureau of Investigation - Press Room - Headline Archives

Basically, someone calls saying that they're from the gov't. They tell you that you missed a summons for jury duty. But to clear the matter up, just supply them with your birthdate and SSN. And just like that, your identity is stolen.
A while ago I was at home (my Mothers) and I picked up the ringing phone, it was someone asking for my Mother. I told them she was busy and asked to take a message. They said the exact same thing... I told them to pound sand and if they had to speak with her, registered mail was the delivery method of choice... :)

She was arrested two days later! LOL J/K

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