leakdown test

leakdown test


85 CJ7 258 T5 Dana300 Dana30 AMC20
Dumb question. So I know my 258 needs either serious work or a replacement. I found a guy in town who pulled his 258 recently and says it ran strong.

Can I run a leakdown test on that pulled engine? Mainly trying to determine if its in good shape or if it will need some work. Obviously worth more money to him if its in good shape, or conversely - I want it cheaper if it isn't.


I guess you could rotate it by hand with a pressure gauge in a hole. be a lot of work but with no plugs in the holes it wouldn't have to pressurize but one cylinder at a time.
I would deal with the guy and make him guarantee compression. then do a test when you get it home. I would start by looking at the plugs to check for oil fouling.:cool:

If it ran strong, why did he pull it?
I would think you could run a leak down test on a pulled engine. You would have to rotate the engine so each piston is TDC when you test it but I think you would be able to tell if the engine is any good.

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