Leaking oil

Leaking oil


Temple Texas
1985 CJ-7 stock with 32" super swampers
My dad gave me the jeep a few years back and it has been a slow leak and now when I park it after I drive it it drips from the front of the transmission, looks to be where the main seal is but I am not a motor head at all. Any help would be great.

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Is it leaking trans fluid or motor oil? If it's trans it could be coming from the front seal. If it's motor oil it would be a rear main seal or it could be running down the back of the motor from the valve cover.
Had valve cover done 4 years or so and don't think the rear main has ever been done how hard is it to do?

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They are not to bad but before you jump in make sure you don't have oil running down the back of the block. If it is dry you should get a Chilton or some other manual It will show you how to do it besides anybody working on a Jeep should own one.
There was oil leaking from the pcv grommets I replaced those and i don't see it leaking anymore and the air box had oil in it so idk what is going on

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I would double check the valve cover gasket. Mine was leaking on the very back running down and around the bell housing. Clean the oil off with some kind of degreaser and then run it/drive it. After wards check on the leak. That way you might pinpoint where the leak is. Just something I'd check before changing rear seal.:)
Ok so its not leaking anymore. I changed out the grommets for the pcv valve on the front of the motor and the vent elbow in the back. Changed all the hoses for those and the vacuum hoses for the air box. Also the oil cap was changed. All the oil was coming from those three spots. Crazy how much came from just those three spots. Thanks for all the suggestions.

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Glad to hear it was a easy fix :chug:
if only it always worked out like that.

good job finding those leaks.

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