Let's see your tree!

Let's see your tree!


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We just put ours up tonight. When I was a kid, we'd invite family over and put the tree up on Christmas Eve. We follow my wife's tradition now of putting it up 'sometime in the middle of December'. :D

We scored the tree just like we have the last couple years. The wife brings a dozen of our chicken's eggs every month to one of her farmers and come December, he gives us a tree.

Enough of that... On to the pics!


That is a great looking tree! Unfortunately I haven't put one up for a while (at my home) - but when I go home for Christmas there always is a nice one at my Brothers.

My allergies prohibit any real tree at my place as well as the cats! I have two who always managed to bring the tree down no matter how well the base was constructed. I see yours has already found its new home! :)

So, that must be the entertainment area huh? R2D2??? and movie posters! A great one from a great movie! :notworthy: What else do you hiding around the corner?
Hiding around the corner? :confused:

R2D2 was my toybox when I was a kid. Now it's full of toys for my nephews to play with when they come for visits.

And yeah, that cat climbed our tree during her first Christmas with us. She's been good since then. The cats love Christmas. For some reason, they can't resist laying under it.

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