Liquid check valve

Liquid check valve


Tomah, WI
1976 CJ5 258 stock
I'm trying to replace the gas tank on my 76 CJ5 with a suitable container for cheap/free. I use the Jeep for plowing at home and will not roll it over. Can I eliminate the liquid check valve and rollover valve? How would anyone out there set up a gas tank using a 5 gallon can or a portable boat tank?
I assume your current tank has issues. You need a vent of some sort, or you will pull a vacuum while the tank empties, and the fuel pump will stop pumping. The check valve keeps fuel from reaching the evap canister, and hence leak raw fuel. Free stuff is usually worth every penny you paid. Cheap is even worse. You should never have a gas can inside an enclosed area. You have to keep the tank outside the cab. You are probably best off replacing the tank. It worked great from the factory, and having 120-140 lbs behind the rear axle is good for plowing.
I recommend keeping the fuel system stock

What some do is loop a hose to either end of the 2 small nipples found on the side of the tank and buy a venting cap. If the carb has a bowl vent (mc2100) that would need to be capped. The charcoal canister and lines capped or voided as well.

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