Little blue smoke

Little blue smoke


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1985 jeep cj7 360 20 rear and 30 front w/warn lockers 5 speed tranny,

1971 dodge dart built 318
While driving her today, I really blew her out. Took it up to 4500. When the motor was reving this high, it was blowing a tiny bit of blue smoke. Again, this was winding her out. Is this normal? Sea foam? Blow by, valves? There was smoke lofting out of the oil filler tube, just like a burnt out match, what is that all about?
Thanks, Germy!
How much oil do you have to add between oil changes?
Have had to add about a half quart. I have some drips, so that may account for most. The engine is running strong and pulling hard throughout the rpm range.
Help a Brother out! Please!!!
Generally speaking blue smoke = burned oil but if this just happened once when you wound out the motor then stopped it could also be a bit of carbon blowing out of the cylinders. If so no big deal. Smoke coming out of the motor after a high run could just be from the motor being hot, again if this is the only time then stops. If it continues the PVC valve could be clogged or it may be blow by.
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:agree: Germy has that engine been rebuilt? I can't remember if you ever said. If not how many miles does it have on it?
The first thing I would try is replacing the positive crankcase ventilation valve they are not very expensive and if faulty will produce the symptoms you have described, particularly smoke coming out of the oil fill tube.
Thanks for the responses! Saddle, yes, symptoms go away . The blue smoke only occurred once during the blowout. Had it in the garage and took the breather off and a light smoke rose from it. I think that your opinion rang true. I had her out today with no issues. I will be keeping a close eye out, thanks! Old dog, I am not sure of mileage or rebuild status. New speedometer and an po with no history info. Ken, I am picking one up tomorrow, super cheap, replacing cant hurt! I was thinking of adding some seafoam to see if it will clean it up inside a bit, any thoughts on seafoam?
After a short drive pull in your driveway and shut it off. Let it cool down and pull the plugs one at a time. Check them to see if any of them are black or black and wet.

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