Looking for A Part

Looking for A Part


84 CJ7
I'm trying to find the 4 bolts or screws that mount the outside mirrors on the windshield hinge on a CJ7. I have them for one side but not the
passenger and the place I bought the complete mirror kit does not have or carry them. No luck finding them online Google search either. Can anyone help me out here??
I have the Kentrol stainless steel mirrors kit for my 84 and I will go down and take a look at what I have.... BUT, have you tried pulling the screws from the side you do have and going to ACE Hardware?

I did a full restoration on my 84 and ACE "was the place" for all my stainless screws and bolts and a bunch of grade 8's for my seats...
I have not pulled one of the screws yet. I also have the black screws so black is the ones I'm looking for.
Someone I was on the phone just now with suggested that I take one out and go to Tractor Supply and try to match them. I'll try ACE too with your suggestion and I was also informed to try the Jeep Dealership...even thought there are Dodge.

If anyone has a set of 4 black ones they can part with let me know!
And of course I need to get a tool for installing and removing the screws/bolts...They are a Torx screw yes??

OMIX-ADA makes a total OEM mirror replacement kit. As you can see, they are using standard button head screws to replace the torx screws. They use a stainless steel vs black screw for the black mirror arms. You really won't notice a difference, but that is JMHO.

Having said that, you can easily match the screw diameter at ACE and replace the originals. They just MIGHT have them in black too.

Rugged Ridge Part 11001.02 - Side Mirrors by Rugged Ridge™ for Jeep
If you cant find some, I think I still have a set or two. Email me at the address below.

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